Hempnall Parish Council


Annual Parish Meeting, 21st March, 2007


Chairman’s Report


It is good to reflect on a relatively quiet year in the life of our Parish Council with very few issues that have caused much of a stir.


Two very clear exceptions to this have been planning issues. Firstly, with Norfolk County Council’s application to improve the facilities at our village school. 


Initially, our Parish Council had justifiable cause for concern in terms of certain aspects of the original plan. Most of these hinged around the fact that this building is located in a conservation area and we were keen to ensure that the same levels consideration were given to this application as would be afforded to any other individual in this area.


We were very pleased however to give our full support to the amended plans and very much look forward to seeing the works to this project under way.


In September last year we were advised that 2 local landowners had agreed to provide sites for industrial wind turbines. The German owned company requested that our Parish Council engage in a “private” meeting to discuss the proposal.


As chairman of this council, I immediately called a public meeting to give residents of Hempnall and peripheral villages the opportunity to give their views on this proposal. Approximately 90% of those present indicated their objection to the concept.


Shortly after this meeting, an action group was formed by our very pro-active District Councillor, Michael Windridge to oppose this inappropriate plan. I was asked to chair this group and in accepting this position I immediately sacrificed my right to vote on this issue when the official application eventually comes before Parish Council for consideration.


I do believe however that my time will be better spent actively and openly opposing this application along with my SHOWT colleagues, as opposed to being forced to watch from the sidelines.


I have every confidence that this Parish Council will vote for whatever they deem to be appropriate for this village, neighbouring villages and the environment we seek to protect.


I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to my colleagues within this council for the support and enthusiasm they have provided over the last year and a special word of thanks to Ian Nelson our clerk for his very professional contribution to the smooth running of this council.


A special word of thanks to John Ellis who is shortly to “hang up his Parish Council boots” after nearly 30 years of valuable service to our parish. John has always taken a very keen interest in all aspects of Parish Council business and his quiet, but hard work over the years in the recreation area of the playing field has been of enormous benefit to the young people who frequent this facility. I shall personally miss the banter and humour that always accompanies John’s presence.


A special word of thanks to Colin Bailey for auditing our accounts and to Derek Cracknell for his weekly “cleansing sortie” which keeps our streets and pavements at the high standard we have come to appreciate as the norm.