Hempnall Parish Council


Chairmanís report by Geoff Moulton for Annual Parish Meeting,

Tuesday, 15 March 2005




I am both pleased and relieved to report another relatively painless year in the life of our Parish Council.


There are however a few issues that, from a personal perspective, I have been pleased to see implemented.


v     Public Participation


It has become a standard part of our agenda each month, for there to be an opportunity for any member of the parish who is on the electoral role, to have the opportunity to give their view on any matter related to Parish Council or parish issues.


Any points made during this part of the agenda by members of the public will be considered when Parish Council discuss this issue but it should be noted that there is no provision for public participation during the Parish Council decision making process.


I believe that this is a good positive step towards parishioners feeling more part of processes that affect their village.


v     Affordable Housing


As with many other things in life, Affordable Housing does not appear overnight.I am however encouraged to learn that Hastoe Housing is now in discussion with a local landowner with a view to releasing land for this project One would hope that this could mean that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for such accommodation.


v     Speed Control


During the last year, this Parish Council has made provision within its budget for £7k to be spent on flashing 30 mph warning signs. These are to be installed at 3 locations within the village.


We will shortly be reviewing the effectiveness of the recently introduced extensions to the 30 mph limits before deciding on their exact locations.


We are hopeful that both of these measures will have a significant impact on the incidence of excessive speed on our village roads.


v     New member of the Parish Council


During the last year, John Nolan stepped down from office due to the increasing demands of his profession. My personal thanks go to John for his valuable input during his period on our council.


I am very pleased to welcome David Pointer back to the Parish Council after an absence of 10 years. In filling the vacant position, David comes on board with a wealth of local knowledge and a great sense of rural values and I look forward to working with him as part of our team.


v     A very big thank you to all my colleagues on the Parish Council for their continued commitment to the parish cause.


I believe it should be noted and respected, the amount of time many, if not all of these members devote to village activities during the course of the year. Not only do they give up their time for Parish Council meetings, Planning Review meetings and site visits for planning issues, but get very involved in a whole raft of activities that bring additional quality to village life.


Such activities vary from maintenance of village signs and play areas to involvement with football and tennis clubs from tree planting to Playing Field Users, Poor Charities and Village Hall committees. The list could go on and on. I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to these members for their quiet and dedicated input for the village.


My sincere thanks also go to Ian Nelson for his continued and valued work in helping make our Parish Council tick. It is so easy when things go well that we take no notice of why they go well. Ianís very professional approach to his job as Parish Clerk certainly makes a big difference to the way our meetings are run. I would like to place on record my personal thanks to Ian for the support he has given me in my role as Chairman over the past year.


In addition to the usual and many duties he performs on our behalf each year, Ian has this year, has been successful in gaining this Parish Council AQA Quality Assurance Staus. Ian achieved eleven distinctions out of the twelve for the modules that comprised his submission.


One of the main benefits from this status will be the opportunity for this Parish Council to engage in discussions with local government at a deeper level over issues which affect our day to day parish life. With the recent changes in local government and the advent of regional quangoes, it is vitally important that we seize upon every opportunity to make our voices heard.


Once again I would thank Derek Cracknell for his continued good work each week in keeping our village in a good clean condition and to Colin Bailey for his work in providing for our internal audit reqiuremnts.