Hempnall Parish Council


Chairman’s report by Geoff Moulton for Annual Parish Meeting,





The last twelve months of Parish Council life have been relatively quiet, with probably the main part of our business being related to planning issues. Some of these have been controversial and inevitably our response to such planning applications, whether to recommend approval or refusal will guarantee us a “few comments” from some of our parishioners.


However, our approach to all planning applications is geared to fairness, consistency and a basic respect for, and understanding of,our planning laws.



Other items and events in the year of the Parish Council include:




After a collective service in excess of 50 years, Malcolm Dye and Hugh Tweeddale retired from Hempnall Parish Council last May. I am sure that I speak for the whole of our community when I thank them, most sincerely for their contribution to village life. From a personal point of view, I have a profound respect for the honest and passionate values they upheld in their roles as parish councillors.


A commemorative bench has been purchased by the Parish Council and is to be installed near the tennis courts in recognition of their service.


The retirement of Hugh and Malcolm gave rise to the election of John Nolan and Hamish Rose to our Parish Council and it was a pleasure to welcome them “on board”.


At a District Council level, we saw Michael Windridge elected to represent us at South Norfolk Council and it has been a pleasure to welcome him to our bi-monthly meetings


Affordable Housing


After a false start two years ago with another housing association, we have instructed Hastoe Housing to pursue our wish to provide a solution to  affordable housing in our village. We are committed to this scheme and look forward to being able to make such housing available to local first time buyers in the not too distant future.




Speed limits


Further to numerous complaints from residents regarding speeding vehicles in the village, we are seeking a review with Norfolk County Highways in an attempt to adopt measures to encourage speed compliance and extend the boundaries for the speed limits. We shall continue in our efforts to make the roads in our village safer.



Parish Remuneration


At the end of last year, our Parish Council was given the opportunity by the South Norfolk Remuneration Panel to pay Parish Basic Allowances to our councillors, these ranged from £100 - £250 per councillor per annum.


It was agreed unanimously to reject this initiative.


Personnel Training


Our Parish Clerk, Ian Nelson, has recently started work on an AQA Quality Parish Scheme which, when completed will give us a formal quality status. I am very grateful for Ian’s input to this project which will give our council a more transparent and accountable standing.


Many thanks:


To all of my colleagues on the Parish Council for their attendance to our bi-monthly meetings, not to mention the varying site meetings throughout the year. I thank them for their passion, commitment  and enthusiasm to the wide variety of debates we engage in during the year and the humour which is never far away during our discussions.


To Ian Nelson, our clerk. Once again, Ian has provided us with a dedicated and professional approach to our administrative needs and I am very grateful to him for all of his high quality work.


To Derek Cracknell, for his weekly sorties around the village and maintaining a high level of tidiness, his efforts on this front are very much appreciated.


And finally,to Colin Bailey, who fulfils our need for internal audit purposes, I am most grateful to Colin for his assistance.


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