Hempnall Parish Council


Chairman’s report by Geoff Moulton for Annual Parish Meeting,




I can reflect on a relatively quiet year from a Parish Council business point of view with very few, if any burning issues on which we were called to debate on.




I believe one of the most important roles of the Parish Council is to provide some input on planning applications.  We represent a rural community and I am pleased to report that this Parish Council is 100% behind upholding rural values. The main thrust being to influence to some “rural thinking” on light pollution and the adverse affect it has on our rural communities. With this in mind we have, during the last 12 months changed the format of the way we consider planning applications.


Until recently, planning applications were considered on a “phone round” of parish councillors to solicit their views if the time parameters did not allow this to take place at a Parish Council meeting.  A Planning Review meeting has superseded this method where members are invited to attend and see plans and applications, discuss these in detail and respond to South Norfolk Council accordingly.



Parish Precept


I am pleased to report, at a time when many households are seeing considerable increases in their Community Taxes that this Parish Council has voted on a precept of £5700.00 as opposed to £7600.00 last year, a reduction of 25%.




The income from our waste recycling has generated £735.00.  Not an enormous sum until one considers it to represent 10% of our precept, so please keep recycling your newspapers etc. at our parish recycling point in Alburgh Road.


Rural Housing


One of the most gratifying parts of our business during the last year has been our consideration of the need for affordable local housing.  Following a Parish Council meeting, at which a representative of the Rural Housing Trust gave a presentation to a large audience, 22 responses were received from members of the public for such housing.


This response was significant enough for the trust to embark on a search for suitable land to satisfy this need.


Crime & Vandalism


As in most years, we have seen sporadic waves of petty crime and mindless vandalism.  I am grateful to our local police officers for seeking out the culprits, visiting their homes and dealing with most cases in a sensitive but positive way.


Queen’s Jubilee


Hempnall celebrated this event in the form of a “parish picnic” on the playing field.  This was well attended by a good cross section of the community.  The weather, good company, not to mention the good people who organised the event, provided a very good festive sojourn.


Thank you(s)


As ever, it is important to thank the many good people in the parish, whose quiet, but positive contribution, continue to make Hempnall a truly wonderful village in which to live:


I would like to thank all of my colleagues on this council for their many and various contributions to village life. These vary from the tasks of repairing and maintaining the children’s play area to planting and providing sites for trees. Whatever their roles and interests, they play a valuable part in our community.


Once again, I am greatly indebted to Ian Nelson, our Parish Clerk for his dedication and professionalism. The work Ian does behind the scenes ensures that our meetings are conducted in an informed and meaningful fashion.


To Derek Cracknell, I thank sincerely for his weekly attention to our village litter problem. It would be good to hope that one day such attention would not be necessary, but whilst we clearly have live in a society that has difficulty in taking its rubbish home and disposing of it thoughtfully, Derek’s contribution is very much appreciated.


In an age where Government initiatives know no bounds, we, as a Parish Council are required to conduct internal and impartial audit of accounts. I am most grateful to Colin Bailey for his role in fulfilling this requirement.



 Accounts - Click here for a summary



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